How Does The Levitating Moon™ lamp Work?

The Levitating Moon™ lamp is a remarkable piece of technology combining art, science and bit of whimsy. This extraordinary lamp levitates above the base using an electromagnet and the moon lamp is powered by magnetic induction.

A replica of Earth's moon 3D printed in intricate detail levitates above the base as the electromagnetic forces create a magical floating effect.
The Levitating Moon™ lamp floats above the base because of the magnetic force pushing the moon lamp away from the base.

In addition to the levitating feature, the lamp also features built-in LED lights, which emit a soft and warm glow, simulating the enchanting radiance of the moon.

The light in the moon lamp is powered by magnetic induction. The same electromagnetic force that causes the moon lamp to levitate above the base lights the moon.

There are no batteries in the moon lamp itself.

As long as the moon lamp is floating in the magnetic suspension, the lamp will be lit.

Since the lamp is floating in air, the lack of friction means the moon lamp will keep spinning gently as long as the base is powered.

The Levitating Moon™ lamp is a harmonious blend of art, technology, and illumination, offering a mesmerizing and ethereal lighting experience for any space