Commonly asked questions and answers. 

How long does shipping take for star map posters?

Our star map posters are custom made to each order. While all printing takes place in the USA please expect shipment to take up to 3 weeks from the time that the order was placed. This will allow enough time for processing and printing.

How is my star map shipped?

After the printing takes place there is a moment of resting for the star map. Once the ink has dried the map is carefully rolled into a shipping tube to protect it during travel.

What if I don’t like the quality?

We offer previews of the poster to ensure each customer will see what the final print will include. If the print is not up to the standards expected then please contact customer service so we can rectify this issue. Info@levitatingmoon.com

 What if I made a mistake when creating my star map?

From the time of purchase you have 24 hours to correct any mistakes made to the design or note section of the poster.

How do I return my star map?

Due to the nature of this poster we do not accept returns or exchanges. That being said we appreciate all of our customer’s passion for this product and will work to rectify any issues that may arise.

What if my package is late or does not arrive?

If your order does not arrive within the specified delivery time we ask that you extend to a grace period of 5 business days. During this time we will open a claim on your behalf to locate the late or missing package.

My poster arrived damaged

You have 10 days to report a damaged poster upon arrival. Please send pictures of the damaged poster to our customer service line info@levitatingmoon.com. A damage claim will be submitted on your behalf and a new poster will be sent.

What if this is for a gift?

Please let us know as soon as possible that your order is for a gift. This will ensure we remove the invoice from the package being sent.

What if I need to cancel my order?

You have 24 hours to change or cancel the order.