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Levitating Moon Lamp

This 3D printed moon lamp is an exact replica of our well lit rock rotating around this planet. Using maglev tecnology to keep the lamp lit and spinning an inch off its base.  

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Constellation Star map

Unique to each order, our zodiac star maps showcase the power of celestial insights in your everyday life. Whether you're overcoming new challenges or settling in to something more comfortable, this piece is a great addition to any room.  

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Amethyst Quartz -Purple Crystal Oil Tank Art - Antique Shelf Constellation Star Map - Custom Constellation, Print 18" x 24" Industrial Pipe Shelf - Large Mystic Moon Lamp


Gifts that don't suck!

From star maps to levitating moon lamps we have your galaxy gifts covered. Ditch the boring card and get them something to talk about.

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Levitating Moon Lamp

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