Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse - Levitating Moon

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

For many, the partial solar eclipse will coincide with sunrise. However, for places north of a line running from Churchill to Halifax only those who can see east-northeast before sun rise will be able to witness this spectacular phenomenon in its entirety as it begins. Elsewhere depending on where you are if your sky is clear and towards the east-northeast when dawn arrives there may be an awe inspiring sight waiting for you; the partially eclipsed sun peeking over horizon accompanied by a crescent shaped or even ring like appearance at first contact!


Across a swath of central and eastern Canada, viewers will be treated to an incredible spectacle. A rare solar eclipse will provide viewing by those living within 390 miles wide path in the provinces of western and northern Ontario as well as northeast Quebec with Nunavut being our newest territory on July 16th!


This upcoming eclipse will be a breathtaking event to behold. Viewers in the shadow's center will get an annular rather than total solar eclipse, so they'll experience watching the sun become a brilliant ring of light encircling the moon for several minutes as it races across Earth at about 17 kilometers per second (or 29 thousand miles/hour).

how a solar eclipse works

The next lunar eclipse won't happen until November 9th, but on that day viewers who are lucky enough to find themselves in its partial phase should prepare for something incredible: The moon and earth have two different orbital cycles with one another — while each orbits around their common axis once every 27 days here on Earth, we also orbit our own star by way of following along behind it. For this reason.

Americans will have to be content with observing the annular eclipse from afar, or joining in a live broadcast. Not being able to see it for yourself is unfortunate as this event marks one of the last chances you'll get before COVID-19's effects become too severe and widespread.

A sunrise worth waking for

The sun will rise on the morning of June 10th to reveal an eerie and most unusual sight. If your not already up during this time it will be worth the effort as the dark disk of the moon will eclipse at least four-fifths of the diameter from a vantage point in North America, spanning across New York state, northeast Canada, as well as eastern portions throughout New England.

As the moon moves in front of our sun, it will cover only a small part and then disappear. However as the moon continues to move, people on Earth can see its shadow slowly creeping across North America from left-to-right or west-to east. The size of this indentation is about three times larger when positioned at 12 o'clock (straight overhead) than when placed 6 hours before sunrise directly below where we are located on Earth.

No one can deny that the night sky is beautiful. From constellations to a full moon, it's an awe-inspiring sight no matter what time of day or season. However, each year our favorite celestial body reaches its brightest and fullest appearance on September 27th so don't forget about this annual phenomenon! To celebrate we have put our levitating moon lamp on sale – perfect for those who love all things space related but also want their living room look as good as possible with just minimal effort from your end!

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