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The star gazers gift giving guide: 🎁 7 unique ideas

star gazer gift guide


  We have all seen the awkward smile of a friend or loved one that’s not too keen on their new gift. They're trying to show you a true appreciation for the new present but the awkward grin is too much to bear. Whether you’re the giver or the receiver it’s just plain uncomfortable. We get it, there are only so many times you can get excited about new socks or the blue shirt that slightly differs from the last. 

Luckily this unfortunate event can easily be avoided by focusing on their passion.  So this year ditch the boring cards and box of socks for something that's worth talking about. 


Zodiac Star Maps

Maybe a little self-serving here but we love these maps that mark your favorite constellations. This one is my favorite for the zodiac signs and constellations that feel familiar. Simply pick a date in the year that resonates most to find your star map feature. Each map comes with the date you choose, your favorite quote or a note to remind you of that special moment. Great for marking the date of birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. 

star map zodiac

Levitating moon Lamp

Our most popular gift idea, this moon lamp is a stunning addition to any cosmic space. The levitating moon lamp is made using 3D printing technologies and can rotate effortlessly for hours. What a world we live in. As the moon connects to the magnetic base, electricity transfers to the LED's that light the moon. The 3D printing model takes 24 hours to manufacture making it a meticulous replica of the real thing.  Probably one of the coolest gifts I have come across over the years. Stargazer or not this is a cool gift.

moon lamp

Solar system bracelet

This solar system bracelet comes equipped with every planet in our solar system. Each planet is made from a different semi-precious stone that best represents its appearance. The circle is complete with a few guiding stars and lost asteroids. The asteroids are perfect for infusing with essential oils. 

 solar system bracelet

Satellite city maps

Have a friend with more of a modern style? Satelite city maps are a great way to bring the sky into your room while keeping it classic. You can choose from a wide variety of city centers from LA to NY. These maps make a great adition to any study or book nook. 

custom map prints


Crystal Salt Lamp

Maybe not from out of this word but it sure looks like it could be. This pink salt lamp is crafted from Himalayan salt rocks that make a neat addition to any desk or side table. The salt lamp doubles as an air purifier as the rock heats up so do the ions capture toxins in the air. 

salt lamp


Meteorite Specimen

Moldavite glass from this meteorite is truly from out of this world. The specimen was formed from the splatters of a meteorite that crashed in Germany nearly 15 million years ago. The heat that was endured can be felt through its rigid surface that reached unbelievable temperatures. The impact zone was so large it can still be seen today. 


Illuminated Tarot Cards

What would a stargazing gift guide be without the supernatural? Packed with meticulously drawn cards to influence and excite. The Illuminated Tarot cards are a must-have for any spiritually charged friend or loved one.

illuminated tarot cards

Hopefully, this list has been able to spark some ideas for your next gift giving exchange. If there was something you thought should be on this list let us know by emailing Did you recently get a gift that blew you away? Let us know in the comments below. 

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