Moon Lamp Review: How he chose a wonderful gift - Levitating Moon

Moon Lamp Review: How he chose a wonderful gift

Moon Lamp review

He looked up at his new levitating moon lamp and thought. What a wonderful gift. James has been on the fence about what to get his new fiancé for their 5 year anniversary. They were always against getting each other something  for this special day but this time he wanted to show her he was thinking about how much he appreciated what they have.

James knew that he didn’t want to go with something typical like a ring or necklace. Jewelry was never something that impressed Charlot. He thought about tickets to a convent but wanted something that could leave a lasting impression.

Suddenly he spotted something remarkable, the levitating moon lamp caught his eye. 

While this wants just any table lamp to impress, it had some sentiment the 2 of them could share. James thought back to their first date. He was nervous just thinking about it as the butterflies crept back into sight. This was when he knew she was the one.

As Charlot and James sat upon a hill that one summer night he looked up at the stars and the moon and said this couldn’t get any more perfect. They shared a kiss that sealed the deal.

He now knew that this would be the perfect gift they both could share after years to come. As the levitating moon lamp rotated ever so slightly he thought to himself what a wonderful gift.

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