How To Choose Your Moon Lamp - Levitating Moon

How To Choose Your Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp guide

When picking out a gift for someone you often left with a few challenging questions.  These stir around in your head leading to doubt and second-guessing.  If you are already set on getting a 3D printed moon for someone since you know how much they would love this re-creation -- then this guide will help you through the process. If you’re not entirely sure that a 3D printed moon lamp is something they would like then stick around so we can persuade you. ;)

Some common questions that may arise:

Are these moon lamps created in a mold?

No, all of our moon lamps are crafted using state of the art 3D printers.  Resin is inserted into the machine and is then lightly heated to allow the 3D printer to slowly trace out the design.  This process takes roughly 32 hours. 

How is the Levitating Moon Lamp different than the others?

The levitating moon lamp is the most advanced moon lamp we have been able to craft.  While it goes through the same process as above it is printed with room to insert a metal magnetic base. This base connects electromagnetically to brown base that plugs into any North American outlet. Once energized the real magic happens. While holding the levitating moon she can line up the magnetic base in the moon to the magnetic base that is plugged in (the moon itself has a wireless connection to the base).

 After the sweet spot is found the light will begin to emit. This is a sign that you are placing the moon in the right area of the base. She will let the magnets pull at each other until the proper connection is made allowing the moon to levitate.  This can take some getting used to but once it’s up and running it’s sure to amaze.

Who is the Levitating moon lamp good for?

We recommend this gift for anyone looking to create some shock and awe with their present. It’s perfect as a graduation gift, father’s day, birthdays or any other occasion where you would like to show someone how much you care. We have many customers purchase this for themselves and put it on their desk it sure is a great way to start a conversation!

What is special about the Galaxy Moon Lamp?

The galaxy moon is similar in production to the other moons, until the creative painting begins however. Each Galaxy Moon Lamp is hand painted with our cosmic inspired design. The bottom of the moon holds a small sensor that activates the light by touch. 

How is the Original Moon Lamp different than the others?

The original moon lamp is created with the same level of quality and detail just like all of our other moon lamps. What makes this lamp so special is it's simplicity.  Having this moon lamp by your side creates a calming creative environment perfect for work or study. Having troubles picking the perfect moon lamp as a gift? Go with our tried and true original moon lamp. 

Hopefully, now you can see the different options we have to offer. From big to small no moon lamp will be left behind!

Let us know if you would like more information before placing your order. We can be contacted Monday to Friday at

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