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How Our Galaxy Moon Lamp Lit Up The Room

Star Wars Figurine

Sean began his search for something remarkable to include among his shop of figurines. He had been collecting all sorts of  action figures ever since he was young. He remembered a day when he would come home from school at a young age and a new toy would be sitting in his room. 

How grateful he felt to have these little surprises come to life, looking back it was no surprise that his Galaxy Moon Lamp would sit well with his theme of creatures and heroes that did not seem to be of this world. 

At times it felt like a chance to escape to a place where everything seemed much more simple. 

Sure there were still worries in life but nothing compared to the fret-free life of being young again. 

Now in his early 20’s his love for action figures and figurines evolved into something more. Rather than working away at a job he hated to simply “pay the bills” he focused his time and energy into building something more. Since he clearly had a passion for figurines he thought -Why not make a career out of this? 

For years he had been painting his own figures to better build out the scene in his creation. Everything needed to be perfect, from the grass on the ground to the moon in the sky. He remembered spending hours in his room taking apart old action figures that happen to have the right build for his creations. Once the slate was blank he began to work away at his own design.  

These designs were often abstract to what you would typically see in a toy store. What was once a G.I Joe was now an actor in his favourite movie or sci-fi villain. Sean would repaint the facial features, costume outfit and included every detail down to his shoelaces. After each character was complete he would write a little biography to bring the personality to life. Now it was time to share his art with the world. He turned to the open marketplace Etsy, which was designed for creators like himself to share his passion and make a living.  

The initial response was great! He knew if he improved the staging of his photos he would really have something here and could work on this passion project full time. So when he saw our hand painted Galaxy Moon Lamp, he knew this level of craftsmanship would be perfect for his display case. 

Galaxy moon

Our 3D printed moon lamp comes in a variety of color options for any creative scene or space. It is the hand painted version of our original moon lamp with 3 color settings. Once the moon arrived and was put on display Sean couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  Finally this scene was complete, he thought...onto the next one!

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