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Are you staying up to see the Super Worm Moon?


 Moon glowing

Tonight, is the last super moon of winter 2020. While it may not look much bigger to the human eye it’s position in relation to the sun and the earth is perfectly aligned. This alignment creates puts the moon fully in focus creating our natural satellite appearing as a perfect circle illuminated by our star.

You can expect this phenomenon to take place March 10th at 2:30 am EST. If you would like to know the exact time for your area take a closer look at the farmers almanac. Of course you don't have to wait for the next super moon skip the wait and grab one of our levitating moons

 moon and shaddow

 Dubbed the super worm moon this moon gets its name due to the time of the year when earth worms begin to rise.

 I know what your thinking…. What!

I thought you were going to say because of the worm hole it creates.  Nope you read that correctly, this unique positioning of the moon is tied to the activity of earth worms as they begin to rise for the occasion. This seems fitting since it also marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Some star gazers see how powerful the moon’s gravitational pull is and liken the earth worms coming to the surface like the tides of the of the ocean. It’s amazing to see something truly symbiotic while completely out of your control. Feeling hard set tonight because the clouds are blocking your light? Turn your moon lamp on and bask in all it’s glowing glory!

moon and trees

Do you have a fun fact about the moon your dying to share? Leave a comment below to get the conversation going.  You would be suppressed what you can teach others every day.

Happy Gazing!

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