Moon Lamp -Original Multi-Color With Remote
Moon Lamp -Original Multi-Color With Remote
Moon Lamp -Original Multi-Color With Remote
Moon Lamp -Original Multi-Color With Remote
Classic Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp -Original Multi-Color With Remote

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Featuring the original Moon Lamp the mystic globe is the perfect addition to your quirky room or desk. Whether you're looking for cosmic inspiration or a conversation to start this Lamp is sure to impress. 

Our original Moon Lamp is made using the same 3D modeling process that is found in our Levitating Moon Lamp. The pattern is crisp and accurate to the moon's surface. This particular model comes equipt with 3 color changing options. From warm white, burning blue and golden yellow, the Original Moon Lamp offers a color for each mood. 

So ditch the boring bulbs and grab a mystic moon lamp. 

  • Cordless light 
  • USB charger
  • Realistic glow
  • Impressive design 

How does the moon levitate?

The Moon Lamp is able to float using maglev technology. It hovers an inch away from the magnetic base while transferring energy to the nearby lamp.

As long as the Moon Lamp is suspended in the magnetic connection, the lamp will be lit. The lack of friction means that one spin can last for hours. If you prefer the lamp to be still then simply put your hand on the moon for a moment to keep it still.

This means you can have the lamp on while studying for your astrophysics exam, mapping out a new design or simply to show others the marvel of modern based living.