Mahogany Obsidian, 5 pack of 30mm

Mahogany Obsidian, 5 pack of 30mm

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Mahogany obsidian is known as the stone of reflection.  The black veins flow through this volcanic creation as lava slowly moves through a burning forest.  Don’t let the fiery reigns set the tone for this stone. Mahogany Obsidian is ideal for those looking to regain their strength.  The Hematite compounds create an energetic response that lends itself to the grounding properties one might be looking for during meditation or times of deep thought.

We offer small Mahogany Obsidian stones so that you can bring these energetic grounders with you throughout their travels while it’s not ideal to always be walking around with your collection of stones and crystals Mahogany obsidian should be one that sits high on your list of traveling stones.

History of use:

Celebrated throughout Europe, the middle east and Easter island.  Mahogany Obsidian was highly valued among societies.  These regions and their pre-historic ancestors used the stone to shatter and build tools like blades and arrowheads.  The Americas used the stone primarily for the beauty by creating decorative pieces. The tools created from Mahogany Obsidian can be attributed to the advancement of modern society as it assisted in the transition to the agricultural revolution.  Reflect in the power of this stone as is grounds your day. It has surely impacted billions of others.