Levitating Planter Pot
Levitating Planter Pot
Levitating Planter Pot
Levitating Moon

Levitating Planter Pot

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We’ve taken our classic levitating moon lamp and migrated to technology over to your garden space.  What better way to add tranquility to your desk or working space than with our levitating planter. Now in 2 base color options (light and dark) This levitating planter will clean the air as you concentrate on what’s important. Don’t have a plant you say? Luckily our levitating planter supports a wide variety greenery for this micro forest movement.


  • 13cm base , 9cm planter
  • Various plug types so you don’t need to fumble with clunky adapters (EU, UK, AU, USA)
  • Natural wood grain looking finish
  • 15-20 mm levitation gap
  • 12 V output
  • Materials used ABS

Package includes:

  • 1 base in selected color
  • 1 plant pot (live plant not included)
  • Region specific power adaptor
  • Instruction manual